Earlier on September : Pizza

I just got back from a hours of laughing and baking from my friend's house. That was really fun! We tried to bake rainbow cake but uhmm the taste is good but the appearance is so bad lol ( You know when kids gathered together to bake.. mess everywhere lol ) But we enjoyed every minute of it with laugh and laugh though :) 

Btw , today i'll share about my pizza making experience and recipe.

My pizza toppings .. So much paprikas. I love them!

Pizza dough recipe :
1) Wheat flour (250gr)
2) Instant yeast (10gr)
3) Caster sugar (1/2 teaspoon)
4) Salt ( 1/2 teaspoon)
5) Boiled water or water 
6) Margarine
7) Toppings could be whatever u likes

How to :
1) In a large bowl , mix the wheat flour , instant yeast , caster sugar and salt together with hand.
2) Add the water by inch and stir until smooth. You can put margarine to ur hands while stir them just to make them more smooth and sleek.
3) Cover with a wet napkin and rise until doubled volume.
4) Divide them into dough balls ( depends on how much pizza u want to make ).
5) Cover with a wet napkin and let rise until doubled volume again.
6) Turn dough out to a floured surface then form dough into round and thin shaped ( I suggest u 0,5cm )
7) Put the toppings on. (And sauces if u want to)
8) If you are going to use oven to cook them then put the pizza doughs to a margarined or oiled brass. Then pre heat ur oven to 200C. Bake them for about 10minutes or until it got golden brown color.
9) If you are going to use a pan to cook them then put the pizza dough to a margarined pan one by one. 

I know i know... The shape is a mess xD


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very delicious recipe

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