"One kind word can change someone's entire day"

I'm not feeling so good today. Maybe the result of my not so well fitness state, plus my bad mood. I had a headache and a stomach ache yesterday. And I'm already catching a flu right now. I'm also struggling with an artblock lately, none of my drawings seems good/satisfying enough. I was going to draw just this morning, but my attempt failed me. So I watched Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr Fox instead. It's really quirky and fun, yet it also has those sad moments that just kinda get me.

Today, a friend of mine said something that I'm not exactly happy with. And she said it twice! Those words were really what makes me most upset today. I'm not going to tell you what she said, but even though maybe she meant it like a joke, it still upset me. I was really not in a mood then.

5 PM today, I had a mass in a chapel near my house. Actually, I was lazy. But I still went there. I met a little girl I knew from helping the sunday school. The Father was giving a sermon while I gave her a smile and waved my hand. She returned my smile with a shy smile and waved back too. That simple little gesture made me happier. I realized then that there is still so many good things for us to be grateful for about life. That little gesture gave me some positivity.

I feel like that sometimes. Like when I felt bad and sad and angry about life in general, I'll get better when I see some little kindness around me. This might not make sense at all. But anyway, it gives me hope.

I'm starting fresh tomorrow.

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