Definitely not my day

Ok first sorry if I can't keep my promise (I promised to post my ice cappucino thing today) because something bad is just happened. Well today is quite tough for me. I decorated my cookies (I baked them yesterday) which are planned to be a smooth halloween cookies with nice and spooky decorating. BUT... everything get messed up when I start decorating them with those crazy royal icing. The royal icing is just so... not right. They are so urgh i don't know how to describe it (Believe me they are just not right) . So I decided to only decorate half of them. And apparently, I forgot to use a refined sugar but the granulated one!

I don't know is that really effecting them or not, But remember when I posted about my Hearts cookies? I decorated them with the refined one. So yeah that's how my "decorating-halloween-cookies

Right after decorating them and clean up everything.. I decided to make an ice cappucino to boost up my mood and post it today. Everything went smoothly until I pour the cappucino into a blender.. BAM the blender knife which is located right on the bottom of the blender (I don't know is the located-blender part is really important or not) is not closed tightly.. So the cappucino is leaked.. Cappucino on the floor.. I got to clean them up again. Plus.. that's the only cappucino left in house.

Yeah that's how I should postponed my ice cappucino post. But promise will post it tomorrow (Pinky Promise!) Please wish me luck tomorrow so everything will go smoothly.. And I hope tomorrow will be a better day! Btw, I hope everyone having a great time today! It's friday! Have fun for ur weekend! :)

PS: Write it with my pajama on me because im just too tired so decided to just watch serial tv! lol


Style Hyle said...

Heheh been there, done that :)))

Love this blog.. followed you and i really hope you could follow me back :)



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Blow up me said...

Muy chulo el blog!

Blow up me

laura k said...

Oh no!!!! I hate it when i spill things because im rushed and then take even more time cleaning up! Haha oh dear. Hope tomro is a better day :)


Julian Tanoto said...

wish everything is okay with you ! :)
followed you already anw:)

PS : I got a new outfit post in my blog;)

Journal J

Jen Umm said...

wow, this looks so amazing!
love the pics!
Hope you're having a great weekend!
thanks for sharing!

if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
let me know!

yoshe said...

really cool blog. maybe we can following each other ?