Okay so I'm currently reading the sixth book of Harry Potter and I already have a long list of books I wanna read next!! Too bad that I don't have the budget to buy that much book tho. Well, I could read the ebook version which is so much cheaper but it's just that I don't really fancy reading from my laptop. (Ya well a phone would indeed be more practical but seeing that i don't own one at the moment. *sniffle*). Plus I love having the real copy. Especially when they have beautiful covers! And the smell of the books mmm (this is weird ok who cares). AND OH not to mention how dark my dark circle is now. Reading non-stop using laptop would just make my dark circle worsened that i wouldn't even have to wear sunglasses to look cool anymore. (Just a side note, I never wear a sunglasses to appear cool). Anyway, enough with the ramblings. Let's just hop on to my wishlist and hope that somebody sooo generous would buy these all for me. Fingers crossed.

1. My True Love Gave To Me
OKAAAYY I PLANNED TO BUY THIS BOOK LAST DECEMBER (just so i could read it on christmas). But I changed my mind and bought the Harry Potter series (which is love). Anyway, I couldn't decide which cover is better because both so cute!!!

This. This. This!!! I need this book to complete the beauty of my Anna and The French Kiss along with Lola and The Boy Next Door. I love both books and just couldn't wait to read Isla! Plus I need to be careful with the internet because spoiler everywhere. Dang.

This book looks so interesting to me not only because of the cover but also because of the synopsis.

I want to read this only by looking at the picture okay. It's kind of urgent.

  Those are the books that I really want to read. There's still loads of them but putting them here all together would be unwise okay. (it wouldn't stop i'll just go on and on about books i wanna buy next.)
I'm currently saving for a camera so yea need to handle myself. Anyway i hope i'll get one of these books by the time i'm making a new post (hopefully a book review). Until next time then!x

PS. I got the pictures from internet. None of the pictures are mine.

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