Starring Tracy Beaker by Jacqueline Wilson : 4/5 

Starring Tracy Beaker is a story about (of course) Tracy Beaker. A girl that lives in the dumping ground (it's a foster home, but Tracy refers to it as the dumping ground). She loves her superstar- Hollywood-actress mother very much, though it seems like her mother doesn't really care about Tracy. At the beginning of the story it was told that her mother promised that she'll spend Christmas with Tracy. The story follows Tracy that was chosen to act as Scrooge for the Christmas play in her school. And she was so excited that her mom will see her act as the main character in the play. She also has a foster mother (kind of) named Cam. But Cam is quite the opposite of Tracy's superstar mother. She's kinda broke and not posh at all.
I don't really like Tracy's attitude at times, but I love that she's different from most of the children books' characters that I've read. You know, Tracy throws tantrum and all (not the usual goody goody). And the ending is both happy and sad, I think.

This book is written by Jacqueline Wilson, one of the most well known children literature writer. Her books often deals with things such as adoption, mental illness, and divorce. I bought my copy online last year (it's a secondhand, actually), when I've been looking for Jacqueline's books! GEM.

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